Hi, I'm Sean Kim

I began my journey on May 2014 with this project.

Now I create...

Technical Projects

DiscMap - A visual and interactive solution to map your discussions.
Speed Reader - A speed reader for the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Challenger - A site to create and join live, dynamic tournament brackets. Utilizes binary trees to create non power of two brackets.
Hack Club Shipit - A platform for Hack Club members around the world to share their project. Featured on front page of ProductHunt!
Interactive Light Bulb Demo - Created an interactive light bulb demo to teach students about transforming data in AP CSP.
NewsMood - A visualization of the 'mood' of each country. Uses sentinment analysis on news articles from every country and then assigns a color based on the score.
Non Power of 2 Bracket Generator - Interactive demo that demonstrates a binary tree algorithm for brackets
A-Frame VR Demo - Experimentation with Javascript based Phone VR

Creative Works

Anxiety - A visual representation of anxiety.
AR Mimikyu - Place Mimikyu from Pokemon in AR using 8th Wall.
Macintosh - Recreation of a classic Vaporwave aesthetic
Falling - A short collection of people falling
Mood - An interpretation of loneliness
Be Interesting - Interesting conversation starters to get past small talk
Red Orpheus - Hack Club's Mascot
The Forest - Interactive Horror game for ART 151
Tim Bargo - Featuring Tim Bargo for ART 151
The Town - Short CYOA game where you influence a random person's story.
Chicago - Submission to Hack Club City challenge. Starts after 15 seconds.
Shooting Stars - Based on a scene in Oyasumi Punpun
Golden Snitch - Web AR Golden Snitch from Harry Potter. Needs a Hiro marker to work.
VR Meme - VR implementation of this meme